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flinkey combines digital and classic locking technology. The key for the vehicle is safely stored in the flinkey Box in the vehicle. All vehicle users who have received an access authorization through the WITTE Digital Portal can see the vehicle in the flinkey app. The user selects the vehicle and sends a digital command for operating the key to the box via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. If the vehicle is locked, it will be unlocked. If it is unlocked, it will be locked.

Installation is really easy and non-invasive: Place the flinkey Box in a convenient location in the vehicle – in the boot or on the center console. The box can be placed vertically or horizontally, just as you like. Installation is not required. In the WITTE Digital Portal, you register the vehicle, the user and possibly the period of use– from your workplace or from a mobile device. And the user is ready to unlock the vehicle via the flinkey app. That's all. No installation, no damage, no key programming, no access to the vehicle CAN bus.

We offer the flinkey app for smartphones with Android (from version 4.4 and higher) or iOS (from version 8 and higher) operating systems.

For using the complete flinkey smarter, the vehicle only has to be equipped with an OBD2 port for flinkey IQ and – for long-term use – with a 12 V socket for charging the flinkey Box.

Yes. The flinkey Box can also be used in a different vehicle as long as the central locking is operated with the same key type.

Absolutely! flinkey smarter simplifies your key and vehicle management completely without installation or mounting and with the original vehicle key. The vehicle CAN bus does not have to be used. Place the flinkey Box in the vehicle and/or connect flinkey IQ – finished.

No. At the beginning of the contract, you define a number of vehicles and receive the corresponding boxes and/or OBD2 dongles. But you can increase this number at any time to receive additional flinkey Boxes and dongles. The number of users is flexible and can be increased as desired.

Yes. flinkey also facilitates the key and vehicle management of small fleets. Especially if the vehicles are used by several employees. Because the keys for your vehicles are always safely stored in the flinkey Boxes. Key handovers are no longer necessary. The effort of searching for or replacing lost keys or organizing keys that were left behind is no longer necessary.

The flinkey Box works for up to 30 days until it has to be recharged. It has an indicator to show you early on when the battery runs low.

But there are two options for charging the battery of the flinkey Box:

  1. using a 12 V socket, during the journey
  2. using a 5 V connection (Micro USB)

Yes, you can. Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation for data management with flinkey IQ.

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Register your vehicle at the WITTE Digital Portal and connect Witte IQ (OBD2 dongle) to the OBD2 port in your vehicle. To do this, flinkey IQ is simply connected to the corresponding interface of the registered vehicle. That's all. flinkey IQ can now record the telemetry data in real time.

Essential vehicle data are displayed in the flinkey app and can be viewed and managed on the WITTE Digital Portal. The recorded vehicle data are available on the portal as raw data for further processing.

How many and which data are recorded depends on your vehicle. In addition to these raw data, the app provides a selection of standard data which can be viewed, managed and documented on the WITTE Digital Portal.

Yes, there is an option for a white label service. Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

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Yes, flinkey Box and flinkey IQ are certified according to CE-Conformity and ECE-Approval.

For further question please get in contact with us:

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flinkey smarter meets the highest standards for data security and encryption technology. Locking and unlocking of the vehicles via smartphone takes place offline via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. The tested challenge-response process provides reliable authentication. Each flinkey Box is secured with its own cryptographic key.

The data you record with our system are stored on servers in Western Europe. We work with the experienced cloud provider Microsoft Azure, the most certified company in the industry. Data backup meets European guidelines and follows the highest standards.


A one-off fee is charged for providing the flinkey Box. flnkey IQ (OBD2 dongle) can be purchased. Monthly usage fees are charged for the comprehensive flinkey Go Service (cloud, portal, smartphone app). The fees depend on the selected flinkey Go Service, the size of your fleet and the contract term.

Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

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No. There are no running costs for the flinkey Go Service apart from the monthly fee. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. The fee for the flinkey Box and/or the purchase price for flinkey IQ are only charged once.

The contract terms for flinkey smarter, flinkey Box and flinkey IQ are variable. For a 3-month test phase and rental use – with corresponding price reduction – the minimum term is 12, 24 and 36 months.

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